Best of HomeAdvisor Award Winner

Since 1988, Action Asphalt Paving, LLC has been striving to meet and exceed the needs of each and every customer. We are a full service asphalt contractor that provides professional and affordable asphalt services around the Puget Sound region. Tree root damage? We can fix that. Driveway cracks? We’ll patch those up. Need curbing for your parking lot? We’ll install it. Our variety of commercial and residential services cater to any type of asphalt paving or driveway repair needs for your home or business space. Our quality and experience set us apart, which is why we are proud to have earned the 2014 Best of HomeAdvisor Award!

HomeAdvisor is a service that matches your home repair or improvement need with an industry professional. Through the collection of over two million ratings and reviews from homeowners, HomeAdvisor has chosen winners in each service category. The Best of HomeAdvisor awards are given to companies based on three categories: quality (superior work practices), service (commitment to providing the best assistance) and value (a fair price for the quality of work performed and services provided). All winners represent the highest ranked ratings and reviews within the HomeAdvisor network.

We are honored to be a 2014 winner of this award! Thank you to everyone who rated us highly, we appreciate your feedback and satisfaction. Click here to see the Action Asphalt Paving profile on HomeAdvisor.

With the latest and highest quality equipment, Action Asphalt has all the right tools to ensure the best results for both commercial and residential projects. Our guarantee is to get the job done right the first time, and we won’t settle until you are happy with the outcome. Whether you’re re-paving your driveway, building a basketball court, or in need of seal coating, we have the experience and capability to tackle any type of asphalt project.

Contact us at Action Asphalt Paving, LLC for an estimate!

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