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We provide turnkey services to business owners and property managers in need of parking lot maintenance. Our commercial asphalt paving services include asphalt repairs, asphalt overlays, extruded concrete curb removal and replacement, parking lot striping and sealcoating.

Fortunately, modern technology and improved understanding of asphalt application techniques allows property owners to schedule and execute a paving or repaving project with minimal interruption to everyday use. Even in rainy Seattle, our crews move quickly and use cold-mix or hot-mix asphalt to ensure the best possible application for your project. With Action Asphalt at the helm, your project will go smoothly, seamlessly, and last for years.

Parking Lot Overlays & PatchingCIMG0113

Action Asphalt Paving offers several commercial asphalt paving services to extend the useful life of parking lots. Most commonly, repairs include asphalt patching and asphalt overlays. In areas where the existing asphalt has degraded to the point of potholes or loose “alligatoring,” patching (the excavation of old material and replacement with new asphalt) is recommended. In areas where the existing asphalt is still strong enough, an asphalt overlay is suggested to cover the current surface with a new layer of asphalt. Applying an engineering fabric with the overlay further extends the asphalt life.

20130813_114555Tree Root Damage Repairs

We repair damage to asphalt caused by tree roots. In this process, the affected area is excavated and root material removed. We then dispose of both the asphalt and organic spoils, re-compact the area and pave with hot mix asphalt. All patches are then sealed with hot tar seam sealer.

Despite the obvious and widespread potential causes of asphalt destruction and damage, the number one threat to continued surface integrity and performance is damage due to tree roots. Roots beneath pavement cause cracking and bulging that can compromise the entire surface despite these roots existing more than a foot under the pavement surface. Action Asphalt utilizes a bevy of modern root removal techniques to prevent asphalt damage and ensure your pavement surface lasts for years to come.

Speed Bumps & Wheel StopsCIMG0113

Action Asphalt Paving can install a variety of products to help control speed and direct parking. Options include custom built asphalt speed bumps to any required height or width, and the installation or replacement of parking stall concrete wheel stops.

Potential applications include:

– Schools, daycare facilities, and public parks
– Shopping malls, retail outlets, and warehouses
– Restricted access roadways and residential neighborhoods

Whether you need speed bumps, speed humps, or cushions, we can help you determine the best speed control solution for your road, private drive, or parking lot.

CIMG0097 - CopyLarge Scale Sealcoat & Crack Fill

Asphalt sealcoating and crack-filling has long been used to extend the life of existing parking structures. Our specialized equipment allows us to service parking lots of all sizes. Whether you have parking for a small single building or an entire commercial campus, we can provide you with a quality and competitively priced product.

My applying a single layer of protective sealcoating to your existing asphalt surface, you can easily and quickly extend the overall life of your pavement to ensure your property’s value – and curb appeal – are preserved for years to come. Furthermore, sealcoating can keep out pesky oil stains, fuel spills, and moisture from seeping into your pavement and compromising its integrity.

Striping & Concrete CurbingCIMG0113

The complete extruded concrete services we offer include the demolition of degraded curbing and pouring of new curb. We also provide parking lot striping of any size or scope.

While it may seem like a straightforward and simple process, the act of striping a parking lot or roadway can be a contentious and difficult task for the inexperienced. Not only will visual appeal be compromised, but improper application of striping paint can actually shorten your pavement’s lifespan and require repainting much sooner than the 2-3 years estimated use.