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Action Asphalt provides turnkey services to business owners and property managers in need of parking lot maintenance. Our commercial asphalt paving services include asphalt repairs, asphalt overlays, extruded concrete curb removal and replacement, parking lot striping and sealcoating.

Why Asphalt?


Whether you call them parking lots, black tops, Tarmac, or otherwise, asphalt paving projects are extremely common the further north you travel in the United States and Canada. Due to the nature of the material and its inherent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, choosing asphalt for your paving project will offer better performance to cold weather and make subsequent repairs easier compared to concrete.

Asphalt is a pliable material, meaning it will be much more forgiving in the face of freeze/thaw cycles compared to concrete, which cracks and breaks down. Asphalt is also faster to absorb solar heat, making it very beneficial for use in snowy regions because of the ability to more quickly melt ice and snow on the surface of a road or parking lot.

Installing New Asphalt Parking Lots

ross parking lot

For the most part, new asphalt parking lots require only a basic blue print that includes subgrade and preparation specifications, asphalt mix design, installation instructions, drainage specifications, and final striping and marking layouts. Brand-new applications generally include instructions for concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and ramps.

Even if your project doesn’t fall under commercial restrictions by city and county officials, you’ll still need a drainage plan that redirects water away from pooling areas and nearby buildings.

In Seattle, asphalt paving projects often require flexibility and patience, as weather conditions sometimes sabotage best intentions and planning. During application, rain and cooler weather can cause asphalt material to settle faster, making it more difficult for work crews to manipulate the material and create a smooth, clean appearance. While many companies tend to avoid rainy conditions, if a project begins and is mostly completed before moisture begins to accumulate, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Life Expectancy of an Asphalt Parking Lot

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How long can you expect your parking lot to last? While it depends largely on the stability of subgrade, the quality of the application, regular maintenance, climate, and drainage plan, asphalt paving projects can last between 20 and 30 years!

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