Speed Bumps and Wheel Stops

Greater Seattle Speed Bumps and Wheel Stop Installations

Action Asphalt Paving can install a variety of products to help control speed and direct parking. Options include custom-built asphalt speed bumps to any required height or width and parking stall concrete wheel stops.

Who Needs Speed Bumps?

speed bump

In both commercial and residential paving projects, many asphalt paving customers prefer having physical speed bumps to control the speed of traffic and prevent unwanted vehicular activities on their property. Speed bumps can be beneficial in many areas, including:

– Schools and daycare facilities
– Shopping malls and retail outlets
– Warehouse and industrial parking lots
– Public parks and recreation areas
– Restricted-access roads and residential communities

Speed Bumps vs. Speed Humps vs. Speed Cushions

speed cushion

Speed bumps are raised sections of asphalt that extend between 3 to 4 inches and traverse only 1 foot of pavement. Speed humps, on the other hand, are much wider, requiring vehicles to traverse between 10 to 14 feet before the pavement returns to normal. Speed cushions are narrower versions of speed bumps that allow vehicles with larger wheel bases (such as emergency vehicles) to travel along the pavement without needing to slow down.

wheel stops

Wheel stops aren’t a very modern or sophisticated technology, but they’re essential to maintaining the safety and quality of your parking lot. Made from steel, concrete, or rubberized plastic aggregates, wheel stops help guide motorists into parking spaces and prevent them from damaging their vehicles on fences, walls, and other vehicles.