Striping & Concrete Curbing

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The complete extruded concrete services we offer include the demolition of degraded curbing and pouring of new curb. We also provide parking lot striping of any size or scope.

Why Professional Striping Can’t Be Beaten

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There are plenty of reasons to try your hand at DIY projects. Whether you aim to save money or simply want to try your hand at a new skill, the appeal is obvious – but the final results may not be what you might expect.

Professional parking lot striping may seem like a straightforward operation, but without precision equipment and planning, your parking lot will look unprofessional and shoddy by comparison.

Improper application of striping paint can also result in compromised appearance and shortened lifespan, necessitating repainting much sooner than the 2-3 year expected functionality. If the lot is subjected to additional environmental factors or is exposed to heavy traffic, the lifespan will be greatly reduced.

The Benefits of Professional Concrete Curbing

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Whether you want to beautify your property’s approach and ensure a consistent look between pavement and sidewalk or simply want to install a physical barrier as part of your landscaping, concrete curbing is a great solution.

With professional curbing services, you can install extruded curbs on existing concrete or asphalt, add a clean, consistent look to landscaping or lawns, or improve your property’s access for bicycles and wheelchairs.

Professionally-installed curbs can incorporate storm control solutions, traffic control, and even various size or style options depending on your project’s individual requirements.