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Asphalt driveways have a lifespan just like any other part of your home. Repairs and patching are one of the most common residential asphalt paving services provided! We will assess the condition of your driveway to determine what repair options best meet your needs. Our residential asphalt paving services include patching damaged areas with new asphalt, applying an asphalt overlay over the existing asphalt, or completely removing and replacing your driveway. We also replace degraded concrete driveways with new asphalt.

Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace?


This is a difficult question to answer without having a professional asphalt paving service inspect your driveway or parking lot in person.

First, you’ll want to carefully inspect each visible imperfection on your asphalt surface. Small cracks in the material are signs of only minor damage. If the cracks in question are less than a quarter-inch wide, you should be able to order a simple asphalt-patching or crack-filling repair.

Should the cracks in the surface be larger than a quarter-inch wide or a few inches deep, this is a sign of larger-scale issues in the pavement. While filling in those cracks will offer short-term satisfaction and restore the pavement’s surface appearance, more widespread repairs are necessary in order to ensure its integrity.

pothole patching
Age is another important factor to consider. If your asphalt driveway or parking lot is close to 20 years old, large-scale repairs probably won’t be worth the time or effort and a replacement will generally be recommended.

“Alligatoring,” or systematic cracks in the surface of the pavement, is another sure sign that the pavement has failed. These appear over the life of an asphalt surface either due to normal wear and tear or because of damage to the underlying base material. Resurfacing or sealcoating repairs can repair the surface and restore the pavement’s appearance, but most asphalt paving contractors will recommend a complete replacement, depending on the severity of the alligatoring.

Notice the alligator skin texture of this asphalt – time to replace!

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