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We build asphalt athletic courts to any specification or customer need. We have constructed tennis, basketball, and multi-purpose courts throughout the Pacific Northwest in both private and public settings.

Advantages of Asphalt Athletic Courts

green asphalt basketball court

– Cost-effective installation
– Low maintenance
– Sealing and protection from the elements
– Variety of colors and styles
– Resistance to hot or cold climates
– Average lifespan of five to eight years between resurfacing

Unlike many asphalt surfaces, your tennis or basketball court will come under a lot of scrutiny. Due to the nature of the material and the comparatively low-impact activities taking place on the surface, you’ll want to take extra care to ensure your asphalt athletic court stays clean, consistent, and smooth throughout the years.

A routine inspection is a great place to start. While there are plenty of ways to protect your asphalt athletic court from damage, vigilance and attentive care are your best allies.

basketball court asphalt
Before each use, inspect the surface of the asphalt court, being sure to sweep, vacuum, or use a compressed air blower to remove any particles.

Furthermore, you should check for erosion once per week, even during winter months. Drainage problems, cracks, and any wear-and-tear around fence and net posts are signs of erosion beneath the surface of the asphalt. You should remove and sterilize any plant growth around the perimeter of your court to prevent root growth and natural intrusion.

Most importantly, perform any small patches or crack repairs as soon as possible to prevent larger-scale issues.

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