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We will coordinate and work with all parties involved to ensure your new community roadway is a project that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

When the cost of a paving project is split between multiple interested parties, the details can bog down the process and complicate matters for both the customers and the contractor. Because community roads are often used by multiple people as their main access to surrounding roads and towns, it’s essential that the final product not only looks smooth and consistent, but operates effectively with minimal maintenance required.

Benefits of Asphalt Community Roads

asphalt community road

Communities that have relied heavily on gravel or unpaved dirt roads for access often carry with them the fundamental belief that expensive asphalt paving won’t be worth the cost of investment. However, with proper design, engineering, and implementation, the cost of maintenance and upkeep will be minimal compared to the wear and tear placed on vehicles by unpaved roads.

There are several strategies that may reduce the costs of asphalt paving over the life of the project, including:

– Design to Climate

Different climates have different requirements for successful asphalt projects to maintain long-term performance. Building pavement surfaces for climates with heavy rain may require heavier, more permanent asphalt bases such as 3/4 inch gravel or reclaimed asphalt.

– Design to Budget and Intended Use

By being realistic in your intended use and volume of traffic, you can reduce the overall costs of the project and provide a reliable surface for frequent travelers.

If your use is only seasonal or on a non-regular basis, you may be able to get by with a simple dirt road. Of course, you’ll need to regrade the road on a seasonal basis, and heavier-traveled roads will need higher-quality pavements using gravel and asphalt aggregate.

– Road Maintenance Agreements

If private roads connect with more than one site, it’s recommended that each party sign a road maintenance agreement to ensure each user contributes equally to the upkeep and cost of repairs.

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